Metaris Bushing Gear Pumps

Metaris Bushing Gear Pumps

Metaris bushing pumps and motors are available in 4 models with many of the same available options as Metaris bearing gear pumps.  With ductile iron housings, the pump offers pressure ratings as high as 3500 psi for the most demanding applications.



Metaris Gear Pumps and MotorsTechnical Information

Metaris MHP/M gear pumps and motors have the durability and reliability of this time tested design. Metaris has combined this technology with modern manufacturing processes making the Metaris gear unit high quality and dependable products.

Metaris Bushing Pumps and Motors

  • Reference # in³/r Range cm³/r Range Max RPM Min. Flow at 1800 RPM
    Max. Flow at 1800 RPM
    MH315 0.62 / 2.48 10.2 / 40.6 3000 4.8 / 19.3 17 / 69
    MH330 0.99 / 3.94 16.1 / 64.6 3000 7.7 / 30.7 27 / 110
    MH350 1.28 / 6.38 20.9 / 104.5 3000 9.9 / 49.7 36 / 178
    MH365 2.7 / 9 44.3 / 146 3000 21 / 70 75 / 252


Metaris Gear Pumps for Industrial Applications

Metaris has been supporting the industrial hydraulics industries for many years and has become a strong source for high quality hydraulic gear products.    Metaris pumps and motors are particularly suited for heavy duty mobile equipment applications.  They are designed for extreme duty cycles and continuous heavy duty operations.  The pumps and motors are a rugged design, but precision manufactured.

Pumps are available in single section units or several sections can be combined into one unit.  A wide selection of mounting flanges and drive shafts are available to fit most applications.  Pipe thread, "O" ring, or split flange are available in both metric and SAE standards.

Metaris pumps and motors are manufactured under strict quality control systems which are monitored by ISO-9001-2000 standards.


Section construction; Quality gear construction, high strength gray and ductile iron castings, repair components available throughout the world and a wide range of configurations to suit most applications.

Multiple pump units; Several pump sections or piggyback units can be combined on a single drive, to eliminate multiple power take-off drives.

Precision matched gears; All gear sets are designed, and machined from high alloy bar, surfaces are precision finished and each gear set is matched for maximum efficiency.  The 10 tooth construction gives maximum output per centimeter width per revolution.

Bearings; Quality roller bearings are utilized on journals to reduce the wear caused from contamination within the hydrualic system.

Bushing pumps; Bushings are constructed from quality materials and Teflon coated for maximum wear life.