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  • External gear pumps are the most popular pumps used in modern hydraulic systems. They feature versatility, strength and long useful life. Their simple construction ensures limited purchase costs and servicing.  Thanks to these basic concepts, together with ever-improving product design and features, research based on many years of experience - accuracy in material selection, production process followed in great detail and tests on mass-produced parts, our gear pumps have reached top quality standards.  For this reason, our products can work under heavy industrial operating conditions and transmit high hydraulic power.

    SCI Sharp Controls is your one source for industrial application gear pumps and motors including high pressure gear pumps, micro pumps, aluminum body pumps, multiple modular pumps, hi-low pumps, bi-directional gear motors, mounts and strainers.  We offer all the major manufacturer's gear pumps including Marzocchi Gear Pumps, Honor Gear Pumps, and Metaris Gear Pumps and Motors.

    SCI Sharp Controls is a full service fluid power distributor.  See our complete offering at

  • Common applications of gear pumps and motors:

    ~ Industrial Hydraulic Applications
    ~ Trucking Industry
    ~ Mobile Hydraulic Applications
    ~ Mining Industry
    ~ Heavy Duty Operations
    ~ Extreme Duty Cycles
  • Links and Resources:

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    ~ Marzocchi Pumps
    ~ Honor Gear Pumps
    ~ Metaris Gear Pumps and Motors
    ~ Hydraulic Filtration
    ~ Hydraulic Accumulators
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    For 30 years, SCI Sharp Controls has been satifying customers with hydraulic, pneumatic and filtration products. Call us with your first order, and one of our expert hydraulic accumulator representatives will make sure you are ordering the exact accumulator and/or replacement parts you need. Call 704-394-1395. After your initial order, subsequent orders can be fax'd or emailed to your SCI Sharp Controls representative. We look forward to doing business with you.